The Celebration of Old Roses Part II
Rose of the Week – 'Chevy Chase' Part II

Jars Make Great Rose Vases

Hand-tied-bouquets      Hmmmm..... What's with the olives, you wonder? Well they go great with tacos and when they're gone, the jar becomes one of my favorite rose gift vases.

This morning my husband said I should pick a bouquet for my osteopath (I had an appt. this afternoon.) Usually I ignore him when he says I "should" do things, especially when it comes to bouquets. Maybe I'm softening. I not only made one for my O but we were invited to a lunch for visitors from India, so I decided to make two bouquets. Leroy (my husband) kindly took the labels off the jars, which by the way, came from Trader Joes.


Thinking about two small hand-held bouquets, I took a bucket into the garden and went around picking two or four stems from each shrub. I removed the leaves that would be in water with my trusty thorn remover and then placed the stems in the bucket.


In the kitchen, I emptied the roses on to the counter and began gathering the stems in my hand, one at a time. The magenta 'Yves Piaget' is a stunner isn't it? The bouquet on the left has one on the back side. The stems were cut the length of the jars and become part of the over-all look.

The roses included 'Apricot Nectar', 'Graham Thomas', 'Poulsen's Pearl', 'Evelyn', 'Belle Story', 'The Pilgrim', 'Common Moss', 'Belle Isis', and 'Yves Piaget'.

At the doc's office they went nuts over the roses. Cooped in an office on the second floor of a building in Emeryville, who wouldn't love a lively fragrant bouquet? I "should" give roses more often.